About us

Humlebäck Ceramics & Fine Furniture focuses on genuine craftsmanship.

Cecilia & John

Together, Cecilia and John create everything from idea to finished product; the core of the company is the joy of working with what they love.

The name is inspired by Johns hometown Humlebæk in Denmark and works as a perfect complement since the studios and store are in Cecilia’s hometown Långed.

Cecilia and John met at the Carl-Malmsten school Capellagården on the Swedish island – Öland. They met due to the curiosity of each other’s work. Eventually, they saw the opportunity to combine their craftsmanship’s where the materials can support each other in function.

By sharing a life, they intimately understand each other, their work, and craftsmanship. Together they combined wood and ceramics to create a mutual artistic expression that they hope others will enjoy.

We Create Design That Lasts

Good design shouldn’t only look good; it also has to be timeless and functional. Our products are characterized by the colors of the Nordic nature and its serenity. We hope it will become a durable piece of Scandinavian design.

Our Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is simple: to create beautiful and timeless products that enhance the feeling in the simple by preserving tradition and craftsmanship.

It’s not only a question of use concerning our products – but a question of experience. We want our products to add something to your life, perhaps that the morning coffee tastes better or that the flowers seem to smell more. With great respect for and knowledge about the craftsmanship and its material, we hope we live up to our philosophy.

High-Quality Materials

Our products are created with the purpose of being a natural part of your everyday life for a long time. That means that the quality of the material can’t fail. That’s why we only use materials that ensure the lifespan of the products. We mainly use materials from Sweden, but sometimes we also buy from suppliers in Europe, North- and South America, Africa as well as Asia. All wood is FSC labeled. Clay and stoneware are delivered from Germany, while porcelain-clay comes from England.

We Stand for Sustainable Production

At Humlebäck Keramik & Möbelsnickeri, we believe that companies should take responsibility for environmental issues and sustainability. That’s why we choose to put a lot of effort into making our whole production sustainable. We’re constantly working with solving production issues that will protect the environment, starting from material to execution.

We want to create a product that affects the environment to the minimum extent possible while being able to be utilized repeatedly. The products should be an extension of nature, not a result.

We’ve also chosen to follow Vattenfalls environmental agreement since the start of the company and intend to continue to invest in the environment when possible. We always cooperate with suppliers that have good values and sustainability policies.