About our unique ceramic vases

We manufacture and sell unique ceramic vases in natural colors, the vases are made by hand in our workshop, which makes each vase unique. Our workshop is located in Nordmaling. A coastal municipality in northern Sweden with both sea, forest and dizzyingly beautiful nature. With inspiration from what we see around us, we create each vase by hand. Our sculptural and functional vases fit perfectly with a bouquet of flowers, dried plants or just the vase as it is for a beautiful still life.

The vases are made of stoneware clay of different shades and colors. For us, shape, design and dimensions are important, so we spend a lot of time and love picking out prototypes and the right clay. We really love what we do and work with ceramics.

Our vases fit in any home, whether the interior is more modern or classic. With earthy colors in white, beige, gray or brownish red, the vase can give both harmony and function as a statement piece. We manufacture vases with both glazed surface and raw unglazed surface.

A unique vase is a great gift

A unique handmade vase from northern Sweden is a perfect gift to give away on birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, as a wedding gift or why not as a thank you gift? Vases fit in all homes and are appreciated by many, that each vase is handmade and therefore completely unique enhances the feeling of the work behind each vase.

Small vases

Our smaller vases, from 8 cm in diameter, are suitable for smaller flowers or as ornaments. If you want to create a beautiful eye-catcher, our small vases fit well with a larger vase. If you want to make it easy, we have put together packages where we sell two vases in sets, ready for your home. Our range of vases is constantly changing because they are handmade.

Sustainable production of vases and ceramics

For us, environmental responsibility is an important part of the job, we think that the products should be an extended arm of nature instead of a result of it. Our vases are produced with the idea of always working in a sustainable way and choosing environmentally friendly materials. By keeping our production of vases environmentally friendly and sustainable, you who buy our vases can feel that you are making an environmentally conscious choice.

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